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This deck was produced as an ode to the times when we had to jump fences to get to our beloved local skate spot ‘The Yard’.

The Kruisvaartterrein is a public space better known to the local skateboarders of Utrecht as ‘The Yard’ or ‘De Yard’ as the Dutch would say. A previously dilapidated concrete terrain basically situated on the doorstep of Utrecht central station. 

The Yard was during 2003-2007 the most popular skate spot in The Netherlands, foreign international and professional skateboarders frequented this area during this time which brought an abundance of value to the environment. The Yard was demolished in 2007 ending all skate activity. 

The Illustration is done by Philip Lindeman. Philip used to visit the Yard frequently so to us it was a logical choice to let him do the graphics.

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