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De Yard Utrecht

De Yard Utrecht

During 2003-2007 De Yard was the most popular skate spot in The Netherlands , foreign international and professional skateboarders frequented this area during this time which brought an abundance of value to the environment.

In 2007 the concrete turf got demolished, ending all skate activity until 2013 when  the initiative of bringing back De Yard started.

Arena Moves 2018: Amsterdam

The initiative 'Arena Moves' is a voluntary project aimed at raising funds for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and its continued research and we are proud to have participated for the second year. The event raised over 600.000 euro in 2018 alone.

Noble x Matdisseny | The Critter goes to Utrecht

Noble Goods Co. presents:
A Skate Art exhibition by MatDisseny (Spain).

MatDisseny x Noble Goods Co. Utrecht Netherlands