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Noble Goods Co. is an independent skateboard shop based in Utrecht that represents a subculture through skateboarding and streetwear. The shop offers skateboard hardware, contemporary streetwear from emerging brands including an in-house label. Next to unique items, they offer professional service and advice. Their vision is led by diversity and creativity with goods that set you apart from the crowd. An authentic skateboard shop with soul.

Founded by Marc-Anthony Westmaas, with the ambition to build a community of like minded individuals and provide exclusive clothing for those who want to stand out. His passion for skateboarding originated on the island of Curaçao in 2002. 

Growing up as a skateboarder in the Caribbean, wasn't always easy. No skateparks, poor roads, very few resources for skateboarding hardware and the lack of support and understanding from his surroundings. With a small crew of persistent skaters, he learned the valuable lessons of the DIY mentality. Making something out of nothing. This is when Westmaas and his small crew of skaters started building their own skate obstacles and got creative finding skate spots on the streets of Curaçao. 

 Skateboarding Curacao Noble Goods Co

The island is a melting pot of different cultures and languages: the Creole, the Latin, the Asian and the European. So it felt only natural to gravitate towards creative forms of expressing himself and finding his own unique identity.
Much of his attitude comes from skateboarding back in the 2000's, watching skate videos like CKY, the 411vm series,
Transworld in Bloom, Es Menikmati, Shorty's Guilty, The DC video to name a few. Real OG’s know what’s up.
He grew up learning that skateboarding was all about style and having fun.  

Skateboarding streetwear Noble Goods Co

In 2005 Westmaas moved to the Netherlands, where he was introduced with a much bigger skateboarding scene,
giving him the chance to start creating his own narrative. Using his playful DIY mentality from the island,
combined with the opportunities that the Netherlands had to offer, he started translating his vision into something physical:
a creative universe called Noble Goods Co. with clothing as an extension of the street culture philosophy.  

Noble Goods Co product photoshoot

Being expressive through fashion is a way to represent your subculture. One of the first and most significant influences for his view on streetwear was Pharell Williams in the music video of N.E.R.D.’s ‘Rockstar’. Pharell made skateboard culture look cool to the mainstream. Other important sources of inspiration were the B.E.T (Black Entertainment Television) and MTV,
vibrant street art of
Curaçao and the skateboarding scene, that laid a foundation for his ambition to build a brand that represents a diverse counter culture within the established skateboarding scene. 

Who can tell the story better than someone who is connected to the skatescene? 
Noble Goods Co. stands for connectivity, authenticity and transparency. That’s why giving back and investing in the community is as important as running a skateshop. Facilitating skateparks like De Yard 2.0, Skatepark Jaarbeursplein and contributing to social projects like Arena MoveS and Curaçao Skateboarding are a way to commit to the scene and help it grow. 


Arena MoveS Noble Goods Co.

Is Noble Goods Co. for skaters only? Definitely not. It reaches out to the free minded and trend setting individuals. The mission is to supply the community with the best skateboarding goods and contemporary streetwear as opposed to mainstream fashion.

Noble Goods Co. represents a bunch of talented kids wanting to stand apart from the crowd and create their own narrative.
Because we’re all royal in our own way!

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