Go Skateboarding Day 2024 Utrecht

Go Skateboarding Day 2024 Utrecht

Go Skateboarding Day Utrecht!

This year, we've joined forces to create a massive single skate event for Go Skateboarding Day in the city of Utrecht!

Noble Goods Co, Blue Tomato Utrecht, Skatestore Utrecht and Skatepark Utrecht will be hosting a spot tour through the city, starting at Rabobank Square at 18:00 and ending at Skatepark Utrecht.

During the tour, we will hit four main spots, and at each one, there will be a best trick contest hosted by one of the organizing parties. When we arrive at SPU, we will announce the winners of all the best trick contests!

There will be pizzas and drinks for all the skaters after the awards!!

Let’s all celebrate Go Skateboarding Day together and have a great time!!

Artwork by Arie