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Hard Luck was founded after Mark Gonzales, Jason Jessee's long time friend, drew a skull with a pen and wrench on an envelope and told Jason he should turn the logo into a company.

In the beginning it was exclusively available in Japan as a wheel and clothing company. The company has since grown and is now available world-wide with the launch of the Hard Luck bearings line.

Hard Luck assembled a team of the raddest and fastest dudes in skateboarding (including the likes of Wes Kramer, Arto Saari, Ronnie Sandoval, Eli Reed and Kenny Anderson) who were in need of a high performance skate bearing that could handle their caliber of skateboarding and would withstand all weather conditions.

Besides bearings, Hard Luck still has a small T-shirt and apparel line that shows their love for skateboarding, cars, motorcycles, surfing, hauling ass and general destruction. Ride with #TeamGoFast!

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